From the Quarter Deck

No Doubt Wins!!

26 Nautical Trivia questions were presented to over 20 LYC members and friends for the first LYC social event since the Covid pandemic shut down. Held over a Zoom Happy hour, participants were able to see each other from the comfort of their own home and know that everyone is surviving the storm.

Everything a sailor could possibly handle: History, Literature, boat safety, navigation… was thrown at them. Everything that is except actual weather, boats and water. Some participants formed teams others sailed solo.

Coming out on top was Marc and Caroline Kornutik of S/V No Doubt. They can now call themselves the smartest sailors in the club and the current armchair sailor champions!

2nd place went to Vice Commodore Jim Chambers and third goes to members Mike Rout and Steve To.

If you’d like to see more nights like this, send us some trivia questions to , and we’ll make it happen!


Because of these unique times, LYC has significantly reduced this year’s renewal membership. Knowing that the club’s expenditures will most likely be reduced this year, we feel that the club will still be able to operate. However, some ongoing operational costs, such as those related to communication subscriptions, insurance, financial record-keeping, and the like, remain.  The deadline for dues and the renewal application is still May 1st and as usual, you can pay via PayPal or send a check. All the instructions and the application are in the membership page, and we will be sending out Quarterdeck reminders with this same information included. We hope the reduced rate will still entice you to support LYC and remain a member. If you would like to join LYC, you must do so through a current member/sponsor of the club. This reduced rate is for the 2020-2021 season only and does not set a precedent for future seasons.

New Racing Rules for Sailing:

All boats must maintain a separation of six-feet, due to social distancing guidelines!

Seriously though, on behalf of the LYC Officers and Board of Governors, we wish everyone safe passage through this Corona Virus storm.

This photo taken from the largest and the most visited sailing regatta in the Mediterranean held annually in the Gulf of Trieste, Italy in October since 1969. It gathers around 2,000 boats, 25,000 sailors and 250,000 spectators. Sailors compete for the Barcelona Trophy, and many others, in a 15-mile four-sided fixed mark course.
Photo Francesca Volpi for The New York Times.