NY Upper HarborThe Liberty Yacht Club is a member of the Yachting Club of America, the National Association of Yacht Clubs, and has reciprocal privileges with many fine yacht clubs around the country. Our members are welcome to use the facilities at these clubs as guests. Many members take advantage of this arrangement while cruising, or traveling in other cities.

The Register of American Yacht Clubs contains the list of clubs and their reciprocal arrangements, and is available to all Liberty Yacht Club (LYC) members. As login and password are required to access the directory, please contact our club Secretary to obtain access. You can also find a pdf file of the LYC listing in the register in the Members Section of our website. If requested, this can be presented when visiting participating clubs.

Docking Reciprocal Arrangements
LYC has no leased slips from Liberty Landing Marina (LLM) for use in reciprocity, nor are we permitted to sublet slips for use in this arrangement.  But, we do have an arrangement with LLM to offer visiting club members a 10% discount for transient slip use. Please refer any visiting club member to either our Commodore or Secretary who will arrange the discount with Liberty Landing Marina.

Dining Reciprocal Arrangements
In many yacht clubs, you can eat or drink for cash once you are admitted.  However, some yacht clubs do not have this arrangement, so please find out in advance the dining policy before visiting the club.