Spring Vendor’s Event

On Saturday, Mother’s Day Weekend, Liberty Landing Marina held its annual vendor’s event. A beautiful day brought out many to check out the latest in new nautical gear and services and enjoy a variety of vendor truck food and wine tasting.

LYC also had its “clubhouse” set up at the event with officers Steve Crane (Secretary) and Kim McIntyre (Port Captain) keeping watch. New and returning members stopped by to say hello and learn about the club’s upcoming season. Also featured were the new club shirts with embroidered logo on the front. Shirts will be available to all club members soon, so keep an eye out for ordering instructions.


Photo appeared in Tampa Bay Times

So, you have finally fulfilled your dream of having a boat!  Or, you have been crew on your friend’s boats for several years.  If you own a boat you have the vessel registered with the U. S. Coast Guard, a port of call has been secured, and the boat has been insured. You have a ships log, i.e. trips, repairs, and more recorded in a notebook of some kind.  You know what PHRF stands for, and have a copy of the U.S. Sailing Rules of Racing. But do you have a sailing/racing profile?

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